Battery relocation question

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Battery relocation question

Postby tubgrill » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:10 pm

Hey guys,
Quick question - looking to relocate my battery towards the rear of the vehicle, and was hoping to put it where the passenger rear seat used to reside. Car is a 91 Civic hatchback and am trying to build it around SMF regs. Under street touring it states that:
Relocation of the battery or batteries is permitted but not into
the passenger compartment. If the battery is relocated and the original
battery tray can be removed by simply unbolting it, the tray may be re- moved or relocated with the battery. Holes may be drilled for mounting or
passage of cables. Longer cables may be substituted to permit relocation.
The number of battery or batteries may not be changed from standard.
The area behind the rearmost seat is not considered to be within the pas- senger compartment. The area under the rearmost seat is considered to
be within the passenger compartment.

However, under SMF regs it states that:
J. Rear passenger seat(s), including restraints and associated hardware may
be removed. When rear seats are removed, the back of the front seats de-
fines the end of the passenger compartment.

Can I out the battery where the rear seats used to be as according to SMF it is not the passenger compartment? Or should I put it in the trunk area to be safe?
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Re: Battery relocation question

Postby STI-TOM » Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:31 pm

Sounds legit, based on the wording. If I was you I would just pop in a 3lb lithium battery in stock location and call it a day. You would avoid the extra weight of the long cables and drop your original weight by over 20lbs. I have run one for 5+ years now with minimal issues. I do keep a small booster with the car at all times just to be safe.
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