Used Hankook Z214 C71 Soft Comp (225/45/17)

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Used Hankook Z214 C71 Soft Comp (225/45/17)

Postby rox » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:02 am

Hankook Z214 C71 Soft
(AutoX/short session tire)

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This is my "spare set" that I bought used last year.
AFAIK the tires had a few laps at Castrol and a Knox Mountain event before I got them.
I put another maybe 8 laps in total (at separate intervals) on them last year, and also did Knox Mountain on them.

There is still decent amount of tire left, and would be perfect to step up your AutoX game!
They are in good shape, there is a slight peel on one of them in the middle but far from cording.
As mentioned these are also good for paved hill climb (such as Knox).
They heat up and stick very quickly which makes them ideal for the short time spurt sports.

This compound is not ideal for long track sessions (i.e. Castrol).
I learned that the hard way as I just peeled enough layers off a new set at Castrol the other weekend.
I bought the wrong tire for what I'm doing this season (as I though I would be going to Knox, but didn't).
These absolutely cannot be used for more than 3-4 laps at Castrol full course - keep that in mind.
I'm not keeping the spares because I have to now buy the medium compound for what I'm doing this year...
QUEUE another post coming with 3 (of which 2 are in really good shape) more of these tires coming in the next 2-3 weeks from the "new" set of these that I have mounted right now.

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