(SOLD) FS: 1997 Miata $4500

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(SOLD) FS: 1997 Miata $4500

Postby seat safety switch » Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:11 am


I am selling my '97 Miata to get something new.

It has 179,000 kilometers and is a 5-speed manual base model. It has a soft-top from an NB. There is no ABS or air conditioning but does have driver side and passenger side airbags.

This is a great car. It is one of the very few 1997s sold in the Canadian market and it has lived mostly in BC prior to my ownership, which means that it's rust free.

As far as NAs go, 1997 was the best year. It has the same 1.8 as the other post-94s, but also has more underbody bracing for a stiffer chassis.

You could take this car, do a little more work to it and have a reasonable autocross car. It's already a great street car.

Recent Maintenance/Repair
  • New shocks all around - KYB GR2s with new mounts
  • New brake pads and rotors
  • New power-steering belt
  • Replaced both front hubs with new Timkens to service wheel bearings
  • Minor mods: GarageStar radiator cover and door latch bushings
  • NB glass-window soft top with no rips or leaks
  • Replaced power antenna whip
  • Replaced lower ball joints
  • Tires are newish BFG Rivals with only a few events
  • Miscellaneous LEDs
  • Replaced speedo cable
  • Replaced mirrors with IL Motorsport replacements, which won't seize up like the stock mirror joints do
  • New shift boot, rebuilt shift turret
  • Recent alignment to Flyin Miata specs (intended for street driving)
  • Replaced driver side window rollers with GarageStar Delrin rollers and greased with Shin-Etsu

The Good
  • Lots of maintenance
  • Tons of parts included in the trunk
  • Rust free
  • One of the nicest NAs I've ever seen in Alberta.
  • Virtually stock

The Bad
  • Miscellaneous paint chips and parking lot damage from PO
  • I spraybombed the mirrors in my garage and they have a lot of orange peel, would be a nice weekend project to do it properly.
  • Classic Miata HLA tick
  • The Motegi wheels on it right now are very heavy and should be replaced by a lighter unit
  • Aftermarket head unit kind of sucks unless you like listening to CDs very quietly
  • Drivers' seat has worn bolster
  • It's stock

Location of seller: Calgary
Willing to ship: I could probably drive it somewhere, let's talk
Method of contact: PM
Price: $4500 with hard top

(This hardtop is included with the car)

(Red hardtop was borrowed, it is not included with the car)


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Re: FS: 1997 Miata $4500

Postby seat safety switch » Thu May 04, 2017 9:16 am

Bump, buy this thing for summer.
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