2018 ASA Supplemental Regs

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2018 ASA Supplemental Regs

Postby SirSidewaystheThird » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:13 pm

2018 ASA Autocross Supplemental Regulations
All ASA members in good standing are eligible to collect championship points. The club
championship series points will be awarded based on the PAXed times of all eligible entries
in the class groups (see section 16 for scoring details). The championship series points will
be drawn from a competitors best ⅔ of events during the season. (e.g. a minimum of 5
timed events are required to place in the championship)

1. COSTS:​ Registration fees will be as follows:
ASA members
$60 for Autox events on Castrol west track, walk up registration the day of the event is $10
WCMA / ASN affiliated club members (must present proof of their club membership)
$60 for Autox events on Castrol west track, walk up registration the day of the event is $10
Non-members (Includes a day membership)
$70 for Autox events on Castrol west track, walk up registration the day of the event is $15

Note: These are tentative costs and are not yet fixed for the 2018 season. There will be an announcement if costs change.

Registration fees are per driver not for their vehicles. This means that if there are two of
you co-driving a car, you both have to pay the registration fee. Non-member prices include
registration fee and one-day membership required to have you covered by our event
insurance. Fees for the WCMA regional events hosted by ASA may be higher and will be
advertised before each event.

2. RULES:​ All club events will be held under the most recent ASN Canada Solosport
regulations, found here.

3. EVENT FORMAT:​ All events will have the following format. All times are approximate
and will vary depending on the number of competitors, weather conditions and other
factors. Events may be stopped, delayed or cancelled at the discretion of the organizing
committee if it becomes unsafe to run due to weather conditions.

1630 Setup
1600-1700 Registration / Check-in
1730-1745 Driver's Meeting
1800 First Runs
~2000 Drivers Meeting & possible
2100-2200 Cleanup
2200 Everyone off the venue

4. RUN GROUPS:​ Competitors will be organized into two run groups of approximately equal
size. Each group does one turn racing, one turn marshalling. Where necessary a third group
will be added. The group rotation will proceed as follows until all groups have completed
their runs.
Session 1 Session 2
Group 1- Run -> Marshal
Group 2- Marshal -> Run
For the event to run smoothly it is ideal that competitors take their runs, park their car &
immediately go marshal. There will be enough time to competitors to set tire pressures after
they have completed their work assignments.

5. QUALIFICATIONS:​ Drivers must possess a currently valid automobile driver’s license.
Drivers under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian. Any
underage driver who has the legal authority (license or permit) to operate an automobile
with restrictions on a public road may compete in a Street, Street Touring, or Street
Prepared class, as long as the restrictions of the driving license or permit are met. If those
restrictions require a passenger, that passenger must be either the driver’s parent or legal
guardian or an approved instructor. That instructor must be approved by both the event
organizers on a case-by-case basis. He/she must have the written permission of the driver’s
parent/legal guardian (signed at the event) to ride as a passenger, and the restrictions
imposed by the underage driver’s license must allow the instructor to ride as a passenger.

6. ELIGIBILITY:​ To be eligible for the club championship series points, competitors must
be Alberta Solo Association members in good standing at the time of the event.
Non-members will become eligible for the championship points once they receive the club
membership, but must do so before competing in more than 3 events as non-members.

7. SPEED LIMITS:​ The off-course speed limit is 15 km/h. This applies to all pit and staging
areas, as well as any site entry/exit roads. Local speed limits also apply where appropriate.

8. INTOXICANTS:​ Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or controlled substances will be
permitted on the event site. Drivers are not allowed to compete under the influence of such

9. CHILDREN & PETS:​ The grid and course areas are completely off limits to small children
and animals. All pets must be adequately leashed or otherwise secured.

10. SITE AMENITIES:​ Fuel, air and helmets may not be readily available at the event site.
Competitors are advised to be prepared for such unavailability.

11. WORK REQUIREMENTS:​ All competitors must complete work assignments
(Marshalling) to be eligible for individual event times and championship series points.
Examples of work can consist of:
Marshaling: -working on the course, replacing cones, calling in penalties, red flagging the
Timing: -timing, scoring, radio, organization, scheduling
Start/Grid: -releasing the cars on course when safe, calling up cars from Grid, coordinated
with Timing
Registration: - paperwork, waivers, eligibility
Course setup: -setting up and chalking course, sweeping
Due to limited numbers of competitors, not all these additional work will count as a
substitute for marshaling. (e.g. Walking around with the waiver clipboard helps the event
run smoothly, but it’s no replacement for working the course)
NO WORK = NO POINTS AND NO TIMES. Competitors who offend a second time will be
asked to leave the event site and will not be welcome back at the next event. If you race,
you must work.

12. RESPECT THE SITE:​ All competitors and their guests are expected to respect the event
site, their fellow competitors and spectators. Please do not litter. Keep your pit area safe.
Any and all fluids and materials removed from your vehicle must be taken with you at the
end of the event. Please use the provided bathroom facilities rather than the grass.

13. NOISE LIMITATIONS:​ Current ASN noise limits are in effect. Vehicles exceeding this
limit (96dB at 50', or organizers discretion) shall forfeit any subsequent runs unless

14. PASSENGER POLICY:​ Passengers will be allowed during timed and fun runs at all club
events, except for WCMA Regional events as “Section 3.3.10. Passengers” of the WCMA
rules does not allow passengers during competitive runs. Competitors who have competed
in less than 5 ASA events may not take passengers, with the exception of approved
instructors, or in the case of under aged competitors the may take their parents.

15. SCORING:​ The fastest of any official timed runs, plus all penalties, shall be used to
determine final event rankings. Penalties shall be 2 seconds for each displaced pylon as per
the 'Down & Out Rule'.
Calculations of the event points are as follow:
A. event points = (best PAX time x 100) / competitor's PAX time
B. non-ASA members are not eligible for awards but their times are to be used in the
above calculations
C. all time penalties are to be included in the above calculations
D. any missed pylons result in a DNF (Did Not Finish)
E. two (2) or more wheels off the pavement results in a DNF (Did Not Finish)
F. if a competitor receives a DNF (Did Not Finish) for every run, they will receive zero
points for that event, but the event will still count toward their required number of events
G. if a competitor receives a DNS (Did Not Start) for every run, or is disqualified from
the event, it will not count toward their required number of events
Note: PAX stands for Performance Adjusted indeX. PAXing is a handicapping method to
compare results between different car classes. PAXed or indexed results are posted after
each event to determine the fastest car and driver. Refer to the above mentioned ASN-FIA
Rules to determine your car class and how your car will be indexed against other cars.

16. COMPETITION CLASSES:​ Series Championship prizes will be awarded for the
following class groups:
1. Street
2. Street Touring
3. Street Prepared
4. Street Modified
5. Prepared/Modified
6. OpenPAX

17. DEFINITION OF STREET AND R-COMPOUND TIRES: ​Street tires are defined to be
DOT certified tires with a wear index of 200 or greater. R-Compound tires are defined to be
DOT certified tires with a wear index of less than 140. For Street Class where cars come
with tires with a tread index of less than 200 these will be allowed provided they are on the
stock wheels

18. PAX (Performance Adjustment Index):

19. AWARDS:​ Trophies will be awarded to the top scoring members as follows. Class
trophies will be awarded in each class based on the number of competitors in the class as
follows: unless the committee decides to forgo trophies for 2018, like in 2017 none will be
awarded and this will only be used to indicate wins for individuals vying for contingency
prizes where required.
* 1-3 competitors in class = 1 trophy
* 4-6 competitors in class = 2 trophies
* 7-9 competitors in class = 3 trophies
* 10-12 competitors in class = 4 trophies
* 13-15 competitors in class = 5 trophies
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